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Distribution and Source

The Extension Language Kit currently includes a Scheme interpreter (stand-alone and linkable versions), dynamically loadable extensions for the X window system and the Motif widgets, various other extensions (records, bitstrings, etc.), a small Scheme runtime environment (debugger, pretty-printer, toplevel, etc.), documentation (as troff and PostScript files), and about 70 small Scheme programs demonstrating various Scheme/Elk aspects.

Elk has been written in portable C. To install it on your system, you need a C compiler (either K&R or ANSI/ISO C). Elk is not intended to be compiled with a C++ compiler. The public #include files, however, have been made ``C++ safe'' to allow use of Elk for applications written in C++ in addition to K&R/ANSI C.

Official Patches

To check whether your Elk distribution needs any of the official patches, look into the file PATCHLEVEL. If the patch level is less than the number of available patches, you should consider updating your Elk distribution.

The distribution offered here always has an up-to-date (i.e. highest) patchlevel, so you can either apply the patches (if any) yourself or just get a new copy of the distribution and then compile and install it.

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