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News about Elk

The following announcements, advice, and user-contributed extensions and ports may be of interest to users of Elk. You may want to visit this place periodically to check for new entries. To simplify feedback between the Elk project and the user community, I have planned to establish a mailing list in the near future. When it is finished, you will receive an invitation to join the list if you have sent me mail about Elk in the past.

June 8, 1997:  Bug fix for the bitstring extension

David Marmor (marmor@z-axis.com) has provided a description and a fix for a bug in the Elk bitstring extension. This bug caused the primitive bitstring->unsigned-integer to return a wrong result for certain argument values.

April 11, 1997:  Bug in patch #3; problem with patch program under Irix

There is a bug in the official patch #3 for Elk 3.0: the variable align_8byte= in the config file sgi-irix6.2-cc must be set to ``yes'' rather than ``no''; otherwise Elk may crash with a bus error under Irix 6.2. Thanks to for pointing out the problem.

Also, make sure you don't apply patch #3 under Irix if your Elk distribution is already up-to-date (check the file PATCHLEVEL). The patch program under Irix doesn't detect reverse patches and destroys sgi-irix6.2-cc when you apply patch #3 to the up-to-date distribution.

September 24, 1996:  Official patch #3

Another patch for Elk 3.0 is now available. This patch is required to make Elk work under SGI Irix 6.2.

April 5, 1996:  Official patch #2

A second patch for Elk 3.0 is now available.

April 4, 1996:  More news about using Elk with Linux

Brian Denheyer (briand@northwest.com) reported that to make Elk 3.0 work with Linux (using the i486 config file provided below) you have to delete the line
    #include <syms.h>
from dump-elf.c, because this file does not exist in Linux. Also, you have to make sure that ld -r is used in the makedl shell script rather than gcc -r.

Brian further reported: The libelf.a library is essential to making everything work. If you do not install the library in a standard location (like I didn't) then you will need to add a -L to the linkscheme script as follows:

   gcc -o $aout $ofile $extensions -rdynamic \
       -L/usr/local/libelf-0.5.2 -lm -ldl -lelf

October 31, 1995:  Linux config file with ELF support

Jin S. Choi (jsc@atype.com) has tested Elk 3.0 dynamic loading and dump under Linux with ELF and dlopen() using the alpha version of libelf.a. He has contributed a new, improved config file for Linux that reflects the changes to support ELF:  i486-linux-gcc (10 kbytes)

September 21, 1995:  Another patch for FreeBSD

Thomas Gellekum ( thomas@ghpc8.ihf.rwth-aachen.de) has contributed a patch to Elk 3.0 for FreeBSD. This patch, in contrast to the one below, uses ``ld -A'' for dynamic loading rather than dlopen() because of a bug in the dynamic linker in FreeBSD 2.0.5. The primitive dump is supported. This is not an official patch.

freebsd-patch-2 (17 kbytes) · freebsd-patch-2.gz (6 kbytes)

September 19, 1995:  Official patch #1

The first patch for Elk 3.0 is available. It fixes a bug that can cause the generational garbage collector to crash and removes a few minor quirks. Thanks to Thomas DeWeese and Stephen F. May for pointing out the bug.

September 5, 1995:  Patch for FreeBSD

Mark Diekhans (markd@grizzly.com) has contributed a patch to Elk 3.0 for FreeBSD 2.0/2.1. The dump primitive does not yet work under FreeBSD; if anybody is interested in fixing it, please let me know. This is not an official patch.

freebsd-patch (26 kbytes) · freebsd-patch.gz (6 kbytes)

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