12.  Cursor Functions  

(cursor? x)

Returns #t iff x is an object of type cursor.

(cursor-display cursor)

Returns the display associated with the given cursor.


See XFreeCursor.

(create-cursor src mask x y foreground background)

See XCreatePixmapCursor. src and mask are pixmaps. mask can be the symbol none.

(create-glyph-cursor src src-char mask mask-char foreground background)

See XCreateGlyphCursor. src and mask are fonts. mask can be the symbol none. The display is obtained from src. src-char and mask-char are integers.

(create-font-cursor display src-char)

See XCreateGlyphCursor. Calls create-glyph-cursor with the font named ``cursor'', the specified src-char, a mask-char of (1+ src-char), black foreground, and white background.

(recolor-cursor cursor foreground background)

See XRecolorCursor

(define-cursor window cursor)

Synonym for (set-window-cursor! window cursor).

(undefine-cursor window)

Synonym for (set-window-cursor! window 'none).

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