17.  Keyboard Utility Functions  

(display-min-keycode display)
(display-max-keycode display)

Returns the minimum/maximum keycode (an integer) for the given display.

(display-keysyms-per-keycode display) Returns the number of keysyms per keycode for the given display.

(string->keysym string)

See XStringToKeysym. string is a string or a symbol. Returns an integer if XStringToKeysym succeeds, #f otherwise.

(keysym->string keysym)

See XKeysymToString. keysym is an integer. Returns #f if XKeysymToString fails.

(keycode->keysym display keycode index)

See XKeycodeToKeysym. keycode and index are integers.

(keysym->keycode display keysym)

See XKeysymToKeycode. keysym is an integer.

(lookup-string display keycode mask)

See XLookupString. keycode is an integer. mask is a list of symbols (shift, lock, control, mod1 ... mod5, button1 ... button5, or any-modifier).

(rebind-keysym display keysym modifiers string)

See XRebindKeysym. keysym is an integer. modifiers is a vector of integers.

(refresh-keyboard-mapping window type)

See XRefreshKeyboardMapping. type is a symbol (modifier, keyboard, or pointer). Invokes XRefreshKeyboardMapping with a faked event structure holding the specified window and request type.

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