4.  Window Property and Selection Functions  

(atom? x)

Returns #t iff x is an object of type atom.

(make-atom value)

Returns an atom with the given value. value is an integer.

(intern-atom display name)

See XInternAtom. name is a string or a symbol. The atom is created if it does not yet exist.

(find-atom display name)

See XInternAtom. name is a string or a symbol. If the atom does not exist, the symbol none is returned.

(atom-name display atom)

See XGetAtomName. Returns a string.

(list-properties window)

See XListProperties. Returns a vector of atoms.

(get-property window property request-type offset length delete?)

See XGetWindowProperty. property is an object of type atom. request-type is an atom or #f in which case AnyPropertyType will be used. offset and length are integers. An error is signaled if XGetWindowProperty fails.

get-property returns a list of four items: the ``actual type'' (an atom), the format (an integer), the data (if any, the empty list otherwise), and the number of bytes left (an integer).

The data returned is either a string (if the format indicates 8-bit data) or a vector of integers.

(change-property window property type format mode data)

See XChangeProperty. property and type are atoms. format is an integer (8, 16, or 32). If format is 8 data must be a string, otherwise a vector of integers of the appropriate size. An error is signaled if the value of format is invalid or if data holds an integer that exceeds the size indicated by format. mode is a symbol (replace, prepend, or append).

(delete-property window property)

See XDeleteProperty.

(rotate-properties window vector-of-atoms delta)

See XRotateWindowProperties. delta is the amount to rotate (an integer).

(set-selection-owner! display selection owner time)

See XSetSelectionOwner. selection is an atom; owner is a window; time is an integer or the symbol now (for CurrentTime).

(selection-owner display selection)

See XGetSelectionOwner.

(convert-selection selection target property requestor-window time)

See XConvertSelection. selection and target are atoms; property is an atom or the symbol none.

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